Cell phone preview: Samsung Galaxy s6


Photo from Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy s6 is a slimmer model compared to previous phones.

Angelo Marmol, Staff Writer

The Galaxy s6 is Samsung’s newest phone which sports great new features and designs compared to the past Galaxy phones.

The new phone will be released in March. The front side of the phone will have front speakers for better sound. The front camera will also have a flash which will help people take better selfies in the dark.

The phone will come in four colors; white, black, blue and red. The phone looks similar to the new iPhone 6, but it’s much more slim.

The phone will have 4GB RAM, which will give the ability to make the phone react faster and 128GB of on-board memory. The screen of the phone is HD with 5.2 inches Ultra High Definition display. The phone will also come with the latest Android update, Android 5.

The Galaxy s6 will also be the first Galaxy phone to get a Octa-Core Exynos chip. The chip will increase the performance of the phone. The chip was tested with older Galaxy models, but the phones didn’t improve their performance.

In addition to improving the camera, Samsung also expanded their phones’ battery life.

The phone will be presented for the first time in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, just like the last Galaxy phone. The phone will cost more than the last Galaxy model with a 6 GB device at about $855.

Samsung isn’t stopping with the Galaxy s6. Samsung said that they’re working on the Galaxy A7, Project Zero and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.