Streaming networks are gaining popularity

Angelo Marmol, Staff Writer

Photo from Creative Commons
Photo from Creative Commons

Most people enjoy watching a good movie or a jaw-dropping television series, and now it’s easier to do with streaming networks.

Streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime are getting more popular by time.

The popularity of the networks have encouraged people to move away from their televisions. Of all the networks used, Netflix is the most common because it has been around the longest and people are more familiar with it.

“I watch Netflix more than TV because I can watch what I want whenever I want. I can also watch it on the go by just downloading the app,” senior Jocelyn Rivera said.

The other reason why people are moving away from their television sets is because they can download streaming apps, like Netflix and Hulu Plus, for free. This will allow the owner of the account to be able to watch anything they want for no extra cost, as long as they have an existing account with the company.

The impact on streaming networks have recently been shown during the Golden Globes on Jan. 11.

“House of Cards” from Netflix won for Best Actor in a TV Drama for actor Kevin Spacey’s performance.

Photo from Creative Commons
Photo from Creative Commons

Amazon’s show, “Transparent,” also won awards for Best TV Comedy or Musical and Best Actor in a TV Comedy for Jeffrey Tambor.

“I wasn’t shocked that television shows are losing their trend because I don’t watch television that much. The only time I watch television is when I want to watch sports,” freshman Kevin Garcia said.

This changes the future of entertainment because big companies like Google, Yahoo and Apple will notice that they can make more money by streaming shows similar to Netflix and Amazon.

Some of the networks are taking advantage of their popularity by increasing their prices. Netflix costs about $119.88 per year, Amazon Prime is $99 a year and Hulu Plus is about $95.88 a year.

“I think people will start moving away from television because it’s too expensive. For example if you want HBO it will cost you about $50 dollars more,” junior Juan Argote said. “I like television shows but that’s old fashioned. We need to start moving towards the future, which is technology.”