Girls Soccer Profiles

Hailey Pohevitz
Hailey Pohevitz


Once club season for Hailey Pohevitz was over, she couldn’t get enough of the fun, active and stress free sport of soccer.

 Pohevitz, a sophomore, plays forward in the varsity Birmingham Community Charter High School soccer team. She also plays club soccer and enjoys being physically active. Pohevitz has been playing soccer for more than six years and loves the adrenaline rush she receives.

“Hailey is a very competitive person and is a great soccer player and I enjoy having her as a teammate,” teammate Alexandra Pineda said.

Pohevitz looks up to Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux and Abby Wambach, who are all professional female soccer players. She hopes to become a professional soccer player when she gets older as well. Pohevitz is also motivated by her brother since he played soccer while growing up.

Expressing herself is a big part of who Pohevitz is and when playing soccer it shows how creative she is. In preparation before a game, Pohevitz listens to music and drinks little water to stay hydrated.

“I take soccer seriously and when on the field I am in game mode,” Povehitz said.



Alexandra Pineda
Alexandra Pineda

Junior Alexandra Pineda dedicates a lot of time and effort into playing on the girls varsity soccer team at Birmingham Community Charter High School.

“My stepdad was probably my inspiration to start playing,” Pineda said.

Pineda is the defensive midfielder on the BCCHS team. She helped her team get to the first round of playoffs last season and plans on continuing during her senior year next school year. The teams went 9-12-2 overall and they rank 475 in California.

Pineda makes sure to prepare for a game beforehand by eating lunch and getting enough sleep. For Pineda, playing on a team and doing well in school is difficult, going to practices and games takes up a lot of time.

“I get home from practice late and I don’t feel like doing homework. So it’s a struggle sometimes,” Pineda said.