Get ready to "Battle" again come Halloween 2013

Chris Bower

Prepare 4 Battle. No, that’s not a typo. That’s the tagline for the latest installment of the Battlefield franchise “Battlefield 4.”

Photo from “Battlefield 4” site The game’s protangonist, Recker, stands in a rainy street with vehicles, including a few tanks behind him for a title shot for “Battlefield 4.”

You read that correctly, Electronic Arts (EA) is indeed making a new Battlefield game and it’s packed with all sorts of goodies. Goodies that perhaps, are meant to make up for EA’s botching of “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” Let’s talk about “Battlefield 4.”

Based on gameplay footage released in late March, the plot of “Battlefield 4” follows a Special Forces solider named Recker, who has the super-dramatic call sign of Tombstone. Recker is in Russia looking for some important information to return back to the homeland. The most likely conflict going on in “Battlefield 4” is some sort of global war.

But why is global conflict the most likely exposition? For two reasons. One is that most first-person shooter video games involve some sort of catastrophic war. Second, and more importantly, GameStop has confirmed three factions in the “Battlefield 4” multiplayer: the U.S., China and Russia. It’s safe to assume that the multiplayer factions will somehow come into play in the single player mode.

Now what about those goodies mentioned earlier? One huge one is that “Battlefield 4” will be running on a new version of the Frostbite engine EA uses; the new version is called Frostbite 3.

As for the game itself, there are three main announcements that have been made so far. One is the multiplayer mode. The worldly factions have already been mentioned, but there’s more. First off is the multiplayer arena known as “All Out War! Vehicle Combat.” What it will be (most likely just standard multiplayer play but with vehicles) is not nearly as important as what it means. It means that players in “Battlefield 4” will get to use vehicles not only in multiplayer, but probably in the campaign mode as well.

Two reasons bode well for this. One is the “Vehicle Combat” multiplayer. The other is that many of the “Battlefield 4” trailers suggest that there will not be just one arena for war, but three: air, land and sea. If you’re in the air or sea, you’re going to need a vehicle for that (that’s announcement number 2).

The second multiplayer addition is something that most student gamers won’t remember, but could find extremely fun. It’s the return of “Commander” mode, whose last appearance was in “Battlefield 2142.” This lets you or any other player have a special heads up display showing the entire map, which is zoomable and can be used to deploy airstrikes, among other things. It’s like playing a real time strategy game inside of a first person shooter.

Finally, “Battlefield 4” may just break some boundaries yet. In the gameplay footage, there of a fleeting moment of what seems to be a female soldier, a first for the “Battlefield” series and something rare in many video games. Actually, what’s rare is that Hanna’s (the female) armor is more than a bikini.

Here’s the important information: how to get the game. You can pre-order it off of the official “Battlefield 4” site, It’s available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC (download and physical copy) and when it comes out, the PS4. However, there is not an option to pre-order the PS4 version currently. All versions are $59.99, except for the PC Digital Deluxe Edition, being $69.99. This is because it comes with access to the “Battlefield 4” beta and some yet-to-be-named in game content.

You can only get this edition for via PC download, there is no physical version. Pre-ordering any version will get you the Premium Expansion Pack, which is just more in game content. “Battlefield 4” comes out on Oct. 31 and will probably coincide with the PS4 release.