Senior athlete spotlight: Danielle Gonzalez


Alan Ruiz

Varsity softball left fielder Danielle Gonzalez hammers the ball to left center field during her team’s March 30 matchup against the Providence High School Pioneers.

Nickalas Lembo

Why did you decide to join softball your freshman year?
I decided to join softball because it was a sport that I have always been interested in and I thought it was a good way to start off my high school career and make friends and adjust to high school life.
What motivated you to keep playing softball?
Honestly,… I was just playing for fun and I didn’t put any pressure on myself. It was just fun bonding with all my teammates and coaches and just getting out there and playing.
How would you describe your overall experience playing high school softball?
My first two seasons were shaky. They were not good. I spent them on the bench but then my next two seasons on varsity they were really good. I would describe it as fun. Obviously, they were stressed because they were varsity but fun.
Looking back at these past four years, how have you changed as a person as a result of playing softball?
I’ve changed because I’ve become more open to stuff, like meeting people because softball is a team sport so you’re always talking and meeting new people. So it’s made me become more social and helped me be more like myself.
What will you most cherish about your time playing softball?
I will cherish all my memories, like my first time on the field this season running out there and definitely my senior night cause that was really magical and it showed all my four years and it showed off all my hard work. It was cool to see everyone there with their posters celebrating me.