Cheers, tears filled the Class of 2019 graduation ceremony

Harlow Frank and Maria Ruiz


CJ Gorospe

Salutatorian Karina Mara was among the 70 seniors who walked the stage to receive their diploma on June 7 at Mulholland Middle School.

Annabella Powell

After four long years of hard work and sweat, the stage was finally set for the 70 students who make up the Class of 2019 and graduated last week.

The graduates anxiously waited in line on June 7 at the 5 p.m. ceremony  for their special time to come as parents filed their way to find seats on the beautiful Mulholland Middle School lawn. Senior Rudraj Koppikar delivered his well written and inspiring Senior Speech. Koppikar talked about all the things he and his classmates accomplished.

“Being at Daniel Pearl has shown us how alone we can move forward, but together we can move mountains,”  Koppikar said.

Class Valedictorian Michael Chidbachian also presented a very moving speech, recognizing his class and all they achieved. He wanted to let his fellow classmates and other students know that GPA does not determine who we are, but what we want to pursue later on in our lives.

“As we come together today, I would like to encourage you all to find happiness on your own terms,” Chidbachian said. “Do not let such a number discourage you from pursuing your dreams.”

Among the graduating seniors were Leticia and Nicole Gabino, who graduated a year early thanks to taking college classes. The Pearl Post Editor-in-Chief Kirsten Cintigo received the Daniel Pearl Scholarship.

Principal Deb Smith is retiring as well as chemistry and physics teacher Stephen Schaffter. Holding back tears, Smith presented her very special and endearing Principal’s Address and Schaffter expressed how proud he was of his students.

Both Smith and Schaffter acknowledged and recognized every achievement that the class of 2019 had accomplished and surpassed.

“There have been so many firsts these past four years all leading to this big day: graduation,” Smith said.

You can see photos of all the graduates here.