Put an end to debate: Buds or Airpods


Parampreet Aulakh

Both the Apple Airpods and Galaxy Buds offer users with good wireless options for bluetooth headphones.

Itzel Luna

Ever since it’s release in 2016, Apple Airpods have taken over the teenage community as they offer an innovative wireless headphone experience and a trendy look. Apple’s longtime rival, Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Buds, a new pair of headphones that offer a similar experience for a much cheaper price.   

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were launched on March 8 and are priced at $129. Available in the colors black, white and neon yellow, these buds connect automatically with Android devices. They are also compatible with Apple products through the Bluetooth feature. The buds come in a small case that is also a wireless charger and protect the buds from collecting lint. With a single charge, the buds last for five hours of talking time and six hours of playing time. Galaxy buds also offer an ambient aware feature that allows the user to monitor how much surrounding noise they want to listen to. The buds offer premium sound by AKG, providing a balanced sound with accuracy and offer adjustable sizing.

Apple Airpods were originally launched on Dec. 13, 2016, and the second generation was launched on March 20. The new generation is being sold at $199 and includes a new wireless charging case. The older version costs $159 without the new case. This case is also sold separately for those who already own the first generation airpods and are sold for $79. They automatically connect with Apple products but are also compatible with Android devices through the Bluetooth feature. A single charge offers five hours of listening time and three hours of talking time. With the new Apple H1 headphone chip, the new airpods have a faster and more stable wireless connection. In addition, this new chip results in an overall higher quality sound experience.