May movie releases worth springing forward to see


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South African-born actress Charlize Theron stars alongside Seth Rogan in the new R-rated comedy “Long Shot,” which hits theaters May 3.

Maria Ruiz

Begin the month of May with these upcoming movies that are sure to spark some spring joy.

  1. Seth Rogen stars as carefree journalist Fred Flarsky in upcoming comedy film “Long Shot.” Flarksy is hired as a speech-writer by his childhood babysitter Charlotte Field, depicted by “Atomic Blonde” star Charlize Theron, for her upcoming presidential campaign. Rated R, “Long Shot” hits theaters May 3.
  2. In the unorthodox town of Uglyville, the strange and unconventional are praised and accepted. Moxy, voiced by pop singer Kelly Clarkson, and her friends venture into the town of Perfect on where more suitable dolls are trained to be perfect and sent out to be loved by a child. This animated musical stars the voices of artists like Nick Jonas, Pitbull, Janelle Monáe and Blake Shelton. “UglyDolls,” rated PG, hits theaters May 3.
  3. Directed by Deon Taylor, “The Intruder” tells the story of newlywed couple Scott, Michael Ealy, known for his work on the “Barbershop” series, and Annie Russell, Meagan Good, who buy their ideal home from recently widowed man. Charlie Peck, the house’s owner, is portrayed by “The Day A er Tomorrow” star Dennis Quaid who still has an attachment to the house and an eerie obsession with Annie. Rated PG-13, the chilling thriller hits theaters May 3.
  4. In PG-13-rated “The Hustle,” “Les Misérables” star Anne Hathaway trains comedic Rebel Wilson, an amateur con artist, on how to scam like an expert. Together, the iconic female duo plot to take down a tech millionaire depicted by Netflix’s “To the Bone” star Alex Sharp. The film, directed by British-born Chris Addison, best known for his work on the controversial drama show “Skins,” is set to be released May 10.