“Anthem” looks to impress ahead of its release


"Anthem" looks to be a breath of fresh air for EA as the launch is scheduled for Feb. 22.

Christopher Sarenana

Electronics Art’s latest project “Anthem,” a third-person online multiplayer action role-playing video game will be releasing Feb. 22 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Developer BioWare Edmonton specializes in a role-playing video game like “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” and the “Mass Effect” series. When EA announced that BioWare will be making the game, fans became ecstatic and with hopes of this being a quality game. BioWare released a demo letting players play the game and have a taste of what it will look like with the launch of the full game.

Based on the trailers, fans have begun to compare the game to “Destiny” with it being an open world that has a lot of customization and a futuristic storyline with a lot of missions. You and four other players can upgrade your javelin suits, fight end mission bosses, complete missions through the storyline and explore the open world map. There are 6 levels of difficulty easy, normal, hard, and three tiers of grandmaster.
Combat for the game will consist of choosing one of the four javelin suits available with different styles and abilities. Each suit will have two customizable gear slots, ultimate ability and a support ability you can use during combat. Enemy players will drop loot which you can pick up to increase your powers and add new abilities while earning experience to level up.

From graphics to the story BioWare has it down to a tee. They released a demo letting players explore the game and have a taste of what it will look like approaching the launch of the game. There will be microtransactions through the game store but you won’t gain any competitive advantage as all items are strictly cosmetic items. With online play, they’ll have matchmaking based off skill.

With only a brief description of the game, fans are left with little information as BioWare wants to keep it a surprise.