Positivity flows in newly decorated bathrooms


Alexis Gutierrez

History teacher Davy Mauermann decorated the bathrooms with inspirational messages.

Casey Wanatick

History teacher Davy Mauermann decided to undergo a project earlier this month where she would repaint the restrooms at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School.

Her plan for each bathroom was to paint the walls with inspirational quotes for students to see whenever they went in or passed by.

“I saw this video of this school that decided to paint inspirational quotes and messages in the bathrooms for their students,” Mauermann said. “After watching the video I thought about it and thought it was a really cool idea to make a place that everybody has to go more inviting and more colorful.”

Mauermann had student volunteers from her classes to aid her in the project.

“It seemed like something interesting and I like what she’s doing with it,” junior Darren Reyes said. “I like how she’s trying to bring a positive message to all the students.”