Speak your mind with Sarahah’s anonymous network

Sarahah features an anonymous messaging network and becoming popular with teens looking to speak their mind.

Sarahah features an anonymous messaging network and becoming popular with teens looking to speak their mind.

Karina Mara

Landing on the top free apps of the iOS and Google Play store, Sarahah has been a craze with its anonymous messaging social network.

The app allows people to send and receive honest criticism from one another while keeping their identity hidden. The app was developed last November by Saudi-Arabian software developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq.

He proposed the app as a way for workers to have straightforward conversations with their bosses. This way, complaints and issues could be addressed without feeling restrained. After the app’s success in the Middle East, he later released an English version on June 13.

Sarahah is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. A website of the app is also available to check messages . The only requirement is an account, which only needs an email address, username and password.

The app creates a user profile accessible to others through links. Many teenagers paste the link in their social medias so that fellow Sarahah followers or even random users know where to leave a message.

The app is simple.  It features a message box, a search box to look up people and additional features such as a heart to favorite messages, a flag for inappropriate messages and a block option.

People use the app to know what others think of them and to also be able to express their thoughts about other people without feeling afraid. However, with the anonymous function and open access to anyone, it brings up issues such as cyber bullying. Anyone can leave malicious messages without their identity revealed. On the other hand, the flag and block options ensure a positive and friendly environment.

“ Sarahah is good and bad at the same time,” junior and Sarahah user Hailee Kessler said. “It’s fine if you’ve been wanting to say something to someone but you’re scared of what they will think because it’s you saying it. I guess it’s a good way to tell the person, but at the same time people can say hurtful things and you won’t know who they are since it is anonymous.”