YouTuber of the Month: Tati Westbrook

Kirsten Cintigo

Screenshot from YouTube
Tati Westbrook reviews expensive and drug store beauty products for her fans.

GlamLifeGuru has really impacted the beauty the side of YouTube by showing people that you can create anything with a couple of pigmented products and fluffy dense brushes.

However, under the stage name is Tati Westbrook who started a YouTube channel almost 6 years ago due to her infatuation with makeup. With this aspiration, she has built an empire with over 2 million subscribers and even launched her own makeup collection “Love of Color,” which was partnered with Birchbox in 2015.

Westbrook has impacted not only the lives of teens but also adults as her tutorials and reviews use products from drugstores to high-end companies as a way to bridge everyone together. She has been widely known for her “OMG Tuesday” and “WTF” segments on her channel featuring odd or highly priced makeup.

The beauty guru also takes part in the Amazon live TV show “Style Code Live” where she shares her “Hot Product of the Week” each Thursday.

Unlike other beauty guru’s, she uploads unbiased reviews in order to be fair to her viewers which keeps her credibility strong and makes her the perfect candidate to watch if you’re unsure about which products to buy. Viewers can keep up with Westbrook on her Twitter @Glamlifeguru and watch her videos that she posts on her YouTube channel “GlamLifeGuru.”