Gifts for geeks

Chris Bower

Photo from Thinkgeek site. All of your favorite Mordor residents have been transformed into anime style characters for the Mordorable Babydoll shirt.

As the holiday season rolls around, we start to think about gifts for our friends and family.

Almost everyone knows that one person who buys the geekiest stuff, who is impossible to buy gifts for. Fear not, for I have compiled a list of gifts for your use.

A favorite site of mine is Thinkgeek, motto is “Stuff For Smart Masses.” Aren’t all geeks and nerds smart? Thinkgeek has a variety of gifts for all breeds of geek, from the Whovian to the Trekkie. Let’s waltz down a geeky Holiday Lane.

For the person who’s always on the go, start off with the Bag of Holding. It is a messenger bag with a ton of pockets. If you’re not careful, you might spend more of your time looking for stuff than using it. It comes in grey and wait for it… Dragonscale. Dragonscale is just a leather imprint of scales. Grey is $59.99 and Dragonscale is $79.99.

You can also give them moleskine notebooks so they can take their frenzied notes in style. A set of three mini notebooks is $8.95 and (what a perfect segue to the next topic) Hobbit Notebooks are $16.95.

As “The Hobbit” nears its release date, Lord of the Rings fans are getting excited. Once again, Thinkgeek has the perfect gifts. For the rare girl geek, they have the Mordorable Babydoll (the name Thinkgeek gives its female shirts). It features cartoon versions of some of Mordor’s fiercest creatures such as Gollum, an Orc and of course, the Eye of Sauron. It costs $20.99.

There’s also the Deluxe Sting Sword. It is, for those who don’t follow the happenings of Middle-Earth, the sword that both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins carried on their respective journeys. It has battle sounds, glows blue just like the real thing and costs $24.99.

In case you’re wondering why it glows, it’s because Sting is of Elven making and glows whenever Orcs are near. Finally, Thinkgeek has both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in their collector’s editions. “Lord of the Rings” is $79.99 and “The Hobbit” is $34.99.

For the cook, Thinkgeek has a variety of cookbooks, from Star Trek to the Hunger Games. They feature franchise themed recipes like Klingon Gagh and Boba Fett-Ucine. Prices range from $14.99 to $34.99.

If you have a little brother or sister, Thinkgeek has a whole variety of plush creatures. They run the gamut from Giant Microbes to a real Soft Kitty. Prices are on average 10 or 15 dollars.

Remember that this is only a small selection of what Thinkgeek has to offer; if I have not listed what you think your geek needs, please check for their full selection.