Affordable tech gifts for this holiday season


Suction Cup Bluetooth

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The suction cup Bluetooth speakers are not only adorable but functional. The water-resistant speakers are compatible with any bluetooth enabled device and allows you to listen to music anywhere, as well as take hands-free calls. You can find these speakers currently priced at around $10, and are available at Nordstrom and its website the Nordstrom Rack’s.


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The Chromecast allows you to upgrade your TV into a web-equipped smart TV that can stream Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Youtube and other various internet platforms from your phone, tablet, or PC. All you have to do is plug these colorful little devices plug into your HDMI port and cast your favorite movies, music, games and more. You can find the latest version of the Chromecast priced at $35 at Best Buy

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Sony MDR-ZX100 Stereo Headphone

Sony MDR-ZX100 Stereo Headphones are comfortable and portable with its collapsible construction and rotatable earcups. Besides offering high-sound quality, it is also stylish and available in an array of different colors. You can find some reasonably priced at $19.99 at Target.

Cartoon shape USBs

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USBs are a must-have computer accessory for students and adults alike. Now you can find cute, affordable flash drives in the shape of your favorite cartoon characters, adorable cuddly animals and even geeky characters, such as Darth Vader from “Star Wars” and Baymax from “Big Hero 6.” The prices can range anywhere from $2 to $15 on eBay, depending on the amount of gigabytes you’re looking for.

Portable Battery Chargers

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These little blocked-shaped external chargers are power banks that pack a punch, charging 2600 milliamps per hour. Simple, portable and available in almost any color, they are universally compatible with any mobile device. Each one is priced at a mere $3.99 on eBay.


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If you have any mobile device with a touch screen, a stylus can come in handy. The touch screen stylus pens serve not only as a tool but as an accessory that you can attach to any device and get in your favorite colors. It also comes in different sizes. Some stylus are also  pens. Individually these stylus pens are priced at $1.48 you can find them online at AliExpress.