New umbrellas have arrived

Maia Hito

Costing over $15,000, the 20 umbrellas have yet to be installed in the school lunch tables.

Many students have been anticipating the installation of these umbrellas since former student body president, Kimberly Chaleco, promised to have them implemented throughout the 2014-2015 school year. However, the long delay has many students impatient and dissatisfied.

“For me, I have fourth period P.E. and I’m exhausted and I have to eat outside where it’s hot cause there’s no umbrellas,” sophmore Maria Danan said.

What many do not know is the umbrellas have already arrived on campus and are waiting to be installed. The delay is being caused by waiting for the maintenance crew to set them up in a safe and secure manner.

“They have to be secured to the ground or the table in some way, we cannot just set them up, we actually have to have maintenance come out and set them up for us,” Principal Deb Smith said.

While the process is still underway, these umbrellas marked the first major purchase made by the former student body council. This decision made entirely by the students using funds accumulated over the past three to four years.

“There’s never been a major expenditure like this, so this was the first time that Daniel Pearl Magnet made a big purchase of our student body funds,” Smith said.

Although it is unsure how much longer it will take for maintenance to arrive, many students still hold on to the hope that they will be installed soon. The shade these umbrellas will provide in this California heat is reason enough to be patient for a while longer.

“They have their work, we have our work, we can’t do anything about it. Complaining is not gonna change the fact that it is delayed,” junior Kanokkorn Chotset said.