Fathers influence girls’ tennis players to play sport at young age

Elsy Barcelo


Two dedicated players. Both different ages and different grades. But, they both have fathers who influenced their love for tennis.

“I’m dedicated to tennis because my parents always told me if I love something to never give up and just try to get better,” said senior Ciara Brown, who is captain of the Birmingham Community Charter High School girls tennis team.

Brown and freshman varsity player Irene Feher are the only two players who go to Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) and are on the tennis team. Both players prove themselves as hard workers.

Feher started playing at the age of 11 and was on the Cal State University of Northridge Junior Tennis Team at the age of 12 because she and her father thought it would be a good idea to join.

“My dad plays tennis and he wants me and my future kids to play. I want him to be proud of me because I love him and I want to pass it down to the younger generation in my family,” Feher said.

Brown started playing at the age of 12 in a tennis group. She began playing for fun during the summer in Indiana. Monday through Friday, she practices for three hours at BCCHS and two hours on Saturday mornings. Despite all her training, there is some anxiety before each match.

“I feel nervous before a game because I always want to win. But, at the same time I’m excited to play the game,” Brown said.

In order to beat  their tough competitor the Granada Hills Charter High School Highlanders, the Patriots are practicing and working on receiving harder and faster hits.

“I would love going to the playoffs because there’s better players who qualify and a lot more challenges,” Feher said.