App of the month: Virtual trees become real in Tree Story

Maia Hito

With every download, a tree is planted in real life.
With every download a tree is planted in real life.

Tree Story” is a free mobile game app that changes the world by planting real trees nationwide.

In this free mobile app the user plants and nurtures virtual seedlings that grow into full-grown trees. Players get to feed, water and dress up their saplings in various articles of clothing.

“Zig Zag Zoom Games,” a Los Angeles game publisher, created this app with  the intention  of providing gamers the ability to contribute to worthwhile causes while still providing satisfying game play.

“I think it’s a big impact because a lot of people in society right now don’t really care about our environment and with them planting new trees, it’s helping,” sophomore Faith Alvarenga said.

The player begins the game by choosing between three types of trees, magnolia, elm and pine.

You also assign a name and campaign which determines the location your grown tree will be planted.

Thanks to several expert organizations, such as “ACTrees,” “Tree Story has been able to complete  five campaigns all over the United States. Some campaigns that are currently underway are planting one  billion trees in Brazil, an edible schoolyard in Colorado and an urban community orchard in Portland, Oregon.

Trees are essential to our world, giving us all the necessities for survival. Tree Story reminds the player, as well as encourages them, to understand the significance of trees and allows everybody a chance to make a difference.