Restaurant Review: Musashi restaurant

Satisfy spicy and savory tastebuds with authentic Japanese food.

Richard Mendiola

A one night visit turned into a weekly stop. Musashi, a Japanese restaurant with a quiet atmosphere, keeps the cold warm.

Tempura is battered and deep fried shrimp. Photo from
Tempura is battered and deep fried shrimp with vegetables, available at Musashi. Photo from

Musashi’s dishes are of authentic Japanese descent, a favorite is their ramen. The ramen can be ordered in three different ways: Miso, spicy miso and soy. The spicy miso is recommended because of its spicy and savory taste that stays in your mouth the entire day. The spicy miso can make you sweat once you consume the soup itself.

Another loved meal is their chicken cutlet curry. The curry is very gravy–like and has a mild taste to it. The chicken cutlet itself is deep–fried and is very crispy in texture. When you combine the curry and the chicken cutlet, your taste buds will crescendo in flavors.

Musashi on the outside looks like an ordinary fast-food restaurant but in the inside the restaurant has mostly traditional, oriental decorations such as paintings.

Beef sukiyaki is a dish with thinly sliced beef. Photo from
Beef sukiyaki is a dish with thinly sliced beef and vegetables. Photo from

The restaurant also consists of a sushi bar which serves various types of sushi and a teppan grill. In the grill you watch your food being cooked right in front of you as the chef tries to entertain you with many difficult and dazzling tricks.

The sushi in Musashi isn’t the best in town but can pass for a Japanese restaurant. Order the spicy tuna roll and the dynamite roll, both rolls are peppery and are meant for those who like fiery food. The presentation of the rolls are creative as it catches a customer’s eye.

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046 Tampa Avenue

Northridge,CA 91324

Accepts credit and debit cards