GoPro allows underwater technology in new cameras


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GoPro’s new Hero4 is featured in its waterproof case which allows the product to go to depths of 197 feet.

Aileen Kangavary

This generation is typically known as the “Selfie Generation” because of all the futuristic gadgets being introduced. A new camera from GoPro is going to top that because of its unique and favorable feature.

The company GoPro has introduced something that is going to change the “selfie game,” called the GoPro HERO4. Not only does this camera have a new simplistic and easy to manage design, it now comes with a waterproof case. It can go as deep as 197 feet under water and it has a 200 rating, being known as one of the best underwater cameras.

This camera can also be used when going boating, kayaking, skiing, surfing and skydiving, but the most popular activity to use this camera for is scuba diving. The lens with a 170o angle-of-view gives the photographer an easy-to-use experience. One just simply wears the camera and it captures everything in its path.

This tiny 3.9 x 9.6 x 3.9 inch camera has changed the way people shoot underwater due to its fast and powerful photo capture. Its 12 MP burst photos and a blistering of 30 frames per second makes it nearly impossible for you to miss anything. It also features a Night Photo and Night Lapse setting, which makes it easier for you to capture images and videos in ultra low-light scenes.

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The deeper you go underwater, the more you lose the warm colors of the spectrum which isn’t the effect one would want when filming underwater. GoPro has an item that’s specifically made for this issue called the Polar Pro Filters, which come in red and magenta. The red filter corrects blue water while the magenta filter corrects green.

Although the HERO4 Black camera itself is $499.99, buying the whole Dive Bundle is nearly $1,000. The whole package comes with a floating hand grip, a wrist housing and a head strap for easy recording. The most important tool in the bundle is the Dive Housing. It’s a little plastic case which safely keeps the camera inside to prevent it from damaging.