Teachers’ tips for advanced placement tests

Elsy Barcelo

Advanced Placement (AP) tests are exams taken between May 4 to 15 in completion of an AP class. These exams determine the students skill on the particular subject overall. Students can earn college credit for the class if their score is high enough.

AP United States History

  • This test has changed. It used to be trivia and now it’s an image
  • or a quote with question.
  • Essays have also changed. There are four short answers, a Document- Based Question and one long essay.

AP Calculus AB/BC

  • Spend time looking at released questions.
  • Compare your answers to the released questions to make sure your format is correct .
  • Remember the person who is grading your test doesn’t know you.
  • Knowing your “blue paper” facts will get you a three.

AP Government

  • This is a much shorter test.
  • Students should study the branches of government and court cases.
  • There are multiple choice and four short answers, which are more managable.

AP English Language and Composition

  • Write what you have more evidence for, not what you believe in.
  • Address the prompt.
  • Don’t use “I” or “in my opinion”
  • Be flexible.
  • Write your thesis before you begin.

AP World Hiistory

  • As long as students know their global trends, they’ll do fine.
  • Look at the big picture and know how to read the documents by comparing trends or change in trends.