VIDEO: Students come out to help on Sparkle Saturday

Aileen Kangavary and Irene Feher


Students help clean out the emergency supplies container during the school’s annual Sparkle Saturday.

Meagan Ford

Under a beating sun, students swept, planted and cleaned their way to preparing for Open House on March 14, Sparkle Saturday.

“It’s great to bring the school community together in a service project at school,” Principal Deb Smith said.

Smith oversaw 32 volunteers who took on various courtyards as cleaning projects along with the school’s front lawn. Students, parents and even teachers picked up trash and debris, swept up courtyards and planted miniature gardens in neglected planters and, in one case, an ancient bird bath.

“I get to help out other people and also get to talk to some friends,” sophomore Matthew Martinez said. “I guess the best part is just helping out.”

With Open House coming on Thursday, making a good impression is important, and Sparkle Saturday doubles as an opportunity for service hours. While volunteers cleaned up, the junior class also wrapped up its Goodwill Drive and Red Cross Club members arrived to sort out emergency boxes.

Red Cross Club President Yasmine Saraf came not just for the boxes, which contain emergency supplies for potential disasters, but for the experience.

“The fun part about Sparkle Saturday is the fact that people can come together and sort of organize the school and beautify,” Saraf said. “The volunteer hours are definitely a big thing.”

If Smith could change one thing about Sparkle Saturday, it would be getting more equipment to help with the work.

“The resources that LA Unified gives us are not enough to maintain the campus,” she said. “I think it could be better if the adults could possibly bring equipment… because the district won’t give them to us.”

Despite problems, Smith calls this year’s turnout the best yet and looks forward to how it will improve the school.

“It helps to make the school nice,” Smith said. “(Sparkle Saturday) gives us pride in our school.”