Students will participate in National History Day competition

Jose Herrera

History and culture is brought to life in the form of a multitude of projects to highlight this year’s National History Day theme: leadership and legacy.

“Students gain an experience from participating in NHD especially if you get to Nationals where you get to experience other cultures,” senior Amanda Arst said. “You experience other cultures and learn interesting things about history because its not just the United States, its other countries.”

On March 14, Daniel Pearl students will be competing at Azusa Pacific University against other LAUSD students from across the district for the chance of being crowned county winners and moving forward to the state competition.

“I’m excited for National History Day because I get to see other projects and see other’s hard work,” Arst said.

This year four groups are attending the competition. Arst will be entering her exhibit on Cesar Chavez illustrating the impact he left for future farmers.

Seniors Vanessa Fano and Boa Pistol-Boesch will be presenting their documentary on Albert Einstein’s dedication to physics.

Juniors Saba Mahmoudi, Sheena Gonzalez and Jomari Reyes will be presenting their website on Walt Disney’s legacy.

Lastly, freshman Kaitlyn Arst will also be showing her website on Indria Ghandi, who was the only female prime minister of India and served from 1966 to 1977.

Participants had the option of demonstrating their projects in a few ways ranging from an exhibit, documentary, an essay, website or a performance.

“I’m excited because we worked really hard for this but I’m nervous to face the judges and the whole thing,” Mahmoudi said.  “I think we did really good and I hope we win although it depends. It depends on who you are competing against.”

As the date approaches students are preparing mentally and finishing up their touches on their projects.

“I’m editing the last part the video to make sure it’s at its best,” Fano said. “ We are also going over our project for possible questions the judges might ask.”