Giving back with Interact Club

Elsy Barcelo

                                                              By Hassan Muhammad   Students in Interact Club meet every Wednesday and discuss the ideas and projects they are planning to do this year. They really want to help their community and have fun at the same time

With a new year starting, Interact Club is planning new projects and recruting new people to join them in helping others.

“Our club is just doing service for others and helping. We only get money so that we can use it for others in our ommunity who need it,” said club founder Avi Gurvis, a junior.

The Interact Club meets every Wednesday at lunch in math teacher Daniel Cramer’s Room 12, where they discuss potential community and school-wide projects.

With Gurvis’ father helping as their financial planner, they can do things outside of school.

They plan to clean up the beach in Malibu and possibly help an animal shelter and help Leadership with recycling.

“As far as what I’ve gotten out of the club, I think I have gained a more fleshed out understanding of what it means to be in a community and also personal responsibility is greatly valued by that community,” junior Jasper Harris said.

Last year, they built Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs) which are used to destroy microorganisms that can cause illness from drinking contaminated water and milk.

Weeks later, they held a food drive at Ralph’s collecting food donations for the West Valley Food Pantry, a non-profit organization that provides food for under privileged families and individuals.

To kick-off the new year, Interact Club elected a new set of officers. Jennifer Berrios was elected as the new president, Erika Lopez as the vice-president and Jasper Harris as director.

“Our goal is to make our school and community better places, while helping those in need,” Berrios said.