District fixes traffic issue

Chris Bower

Horns honking. Brakes screeching. Turn signals flashing. This is the scene that students and parents must face on Balboa Boulevard every morning on their way to school.

The hectic traffic conditions are mainly due to unsupervised, tightly placed driveways.

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School has its own driveway coming into the school. However, there is a three-lane driveway next to that one belonging to Valley Alternative Magnet School. Those three lanes can be used for either incoming or outgoing traffic from the school.

As a result, parents and students risk collisions, either with pedestrians or other cars as they enter the DPMHS parking lot.

“It’s just plain dangerous,” junior Zach Adler said.

DPMHS Principal Deborah Smith echoes these concerns and wanted to get something done about it.

“Starting when I came on (staff), I went to various planning meetings and even contacted the traffic division of LAPD,” Smith said.

Now, the district has reached a solution to fix the traffic problem in time for the new school year.

The three Valley Alternative driveways will be made only for incoming traffic, therefore making it a one-way street.

No one will be able to exit out of those driveways. Instead, they will have to go on a service road to either Vanowen Street or Victory Boulevard.