Students clean up school during campus beautification event

Grant Asner

Volunteers and members of the school’s Volunteer for Our Sphere club dedicated part of their weekend to removing weeds, picking up trash and collecting leaves around the school’s campus. 

“We think it’s important to come out here and help clean the campus,” club president Francesca Sisk said. “It’s a small campus, but it’s our campus. This small step will make a big difference for our school in the future.” 

The purpose of the event on April 15 was to provide the opportunity to clean the school all while completing service hours and bonding with peers in the process. 

“I think people should help out on these days while they can because you get service hours, you get water, you get time to spend with your friends, it’s a fun time and you can do something great for your school,” sophomore Alheleah Perez said. “You can do all of this while having a great time.”

Members of the club hope to host future events that will not just clean our school but also help make it greener. They also hope to make recycling more accessible.

“We already have future dates planned for next month,” Sisk said. “We want to have more clean up days, like what we are doing today, but we also want to bring more plants and paint planter boxes. (Principal Armen) Petrossian even suggested starting a compost area and a butterfly garden. So next meeting, we want to do a lot more and have parents attend.”