BCCHS athletic trainer arrested for allegedly inappropriately touching minors


Photo from Los Angeles Police Department

Mugshot photo of Richard Turner, former Birmingham Community Charter High School athletic trainer who was arrested for allegedly inappropriately touching minors.

Delilah Brumer and Gabrielle Lashley

Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) athletic trainer Richard Turner was re-arrested on Thursday for allegedly inappropriately touching minors after more victims came forward.

Turner was first arrested on Wednesday for allegedly inappropriately touching a minor but was released on bail. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Turner was arrested for Penal Code 289(A)(1), which is forcible penetration with a foreign object. This code involves the act of penetration with a foreign object by the use of force or fear on a non-consenting victim. His re-arrest was for four additional counts of this penal code. 

The case is set to be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for filing consideration, according to the LAPD.

Turner, 64, trained multiple Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) athletes who play for BCCHS sports teams. Student athletes who were interviewed are being kept anonymous due to the sensitive nature of charges against Turner.

“When I heard about it, I was like ‘Woah,’” said a freshman athlete who was trained by Turner about once a week. “It was surprising. I feel bad for the (victims).” 

An incident involving Turner was reported in 2017, when he worked at Van Nuys High School. A minor alleged Turner had inappropriately touched them at that time as well. No court records were found of the 2017 incident, based on a search by The Pearl Post of Los Angeles Superior Court files.

“In the future, (BCCHS) needs to be doing a much better job at choosing who they’re going to be hiring,” a DPMHS senior athlete said. “Birmingham isn’t taking into consideration their students. They’re only caring about (filling) positions, even if they’re not qualified all the way.”

DPMHS Principal Armen Petrossian said that students at DPMHS have access to many resources if they are in crisis at DPMHS and BCCHS, such as the Mental Health Clinic on Balboa Blvd.  

“They need to provide support because students should not have to feel like they’re alone in this,” a DPMHS senior athlete said. “We just need to be there for them.”

Several DPMHS student athletes have expressed shock and frustration with the situation and support for Turner’s alleged victims.

“It was horrible, what had happened,” a freshman student athlete said. “I’m glad that he’s no longer in the district with us. It’s very upsetting. I’ve been thinking about it all day.”