Magnet Coordinator departs from DPMHS after 7 years


Rikka Dimalanta

On March 15, Magnet Coordinator Leah Pevar discusses her upcoming departure from DPMHS with sophomore Daniel Hernandez during lunch lunchtime in the Grove.

Emily Flores and Valeria Luquin

After seven years of being part of the tight-knit Pearl community, Magnet Coordinator Leah Pevar is parting ways and advancing her career in education. 

“I have been planning to make this my final year here and then this opportunity presented itself,” Pevar said. “I taught there. I know the school and it’s a school I really like, so I thought it would be a good fit.”

After March 25, Pevar will be transferring to Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences (VAAS). Similar to what her job at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) consists of, she will be the Targeted Student Population Program Coordinator at VAAS. Since DPMHS is a magnet school, Principal Armen Petrossian is asking his staff if any of them are interested in being the new magnet coordinator. If no one is interested, he will go through the district’s human resources department. 

“Ms. Pevar is a big part of this school,” Petrossian said. “Even when she leaves, she’s gonna be a big part of our family.”

Throughout her career, Pevar taught English for about 14 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District, including at DPMHS. Four years ago, she replaced former Magnet Coordinator Nicole Bootel. 

“I’m just looking for some other opportunities and this one came up,” Pevar said. “There’s no other positions to transfer into and by transferring to this school, I’ll be able to move forward with my career.”

After becoming deeply immersed in DPMHS over the years, Pevar is going to miss the small yet close campus community.

“It’s really nice knowing everyone, even every student on campus,” Pevar said. “I’m hoping you carry on, grow and become bigger again and keep fighting for all of those First Amendment rights.”