Two choices, one vote, one president


Shannon Sullivan

The presidential election, which is on Nov. 3 is less than a month away. With the Democratic Party’s nominee former Vice-President Joe Biden running against President Donald J. Trump.

Harlow Frank

Gabrielle Lashley

Jessica Melkonyan

Although students like senior Samantha Mills are not old enough to cast their ballots, they’re finding their own ways to contribute on Election Day, which is on Nov. 3.

“I’m volunteering because I know that in the past, poll workers have been composed of elderly people,” senior and poll volunteer Mills said. “I’d rather put myself at risk than someone who has a higher chance of dying.”

The presidential election is less than a month away and about 1 in 10 eligible voters will be from Generation Z (Gen Z). In this election their focus is on two big issues, which are climate change and human rights. The Democratic party’s presidential nominee former Vice-President Joe Biden is running against the Republican party’s presidential nominee President Donald Trump. 

 “I want to contribute and make some kind of difference,” pre-registered Sydnee Blueford said. “Voting can do that.”

When regarding human rights, young voters have focused on specific issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, healthcare and the violation of human rights at immigration centers.

“Trump’s stance on anything that comes to climate change (and) the pandemic is so ridiculous,  I’d laugh if I wasn’t terrified,” Mills said. “The way he treated Black Lives Matter protesters is hypocritical at best (and) he conscientiously fails to condemn white supremacy. If I could vote, I’d unenthusiastically vote Biden. He’s a disgusting man but he’s infinitely better than Trump.”

The first presidential debate of 2020 took place on Sept. 29, which soon turned into a debacle of irrational interruptions and name calling. Biden and Trump were supposed to get another chance to influence voters at the next presidential debate on Oct. 15. Ever since Trump has contracted COVID-19, the next debate is settled to be showcased virtually. The debate between vice presidential nominees Mike Pence and Kamala Harris took place on Oct. 7.

“I think there was nothing presidential about this debate,” Mills said. “Trump’s juvenile behavior wasn’t really shocking (and) Biden could’ve handled each outburst from Trump a little better. All in all, despite being such a train wreck, this debate did a great job at showing those who are still undecided (on) how unfit Trump is for this position.”

Trump has appointed 53 conservative federal judges on the 13 U.S. circuit courts in his first term. He tear-gassed peaceful protesters after the death of George Floyd. According to NBC News, he has also contradicted warnings from health officials about the coronavirus, misleading U.S citizens and contributing to the deaths of over 200,000 U.S. citizens and over ten times that amount were left jobless.

“The fact that he’s still ignoring a global pandemic just really says that he does not care about this country,” first-time voter, sports and tech editor for The Pearl Post, Casey Wanatick said. “(Trump) wants to stay in power because he’s a dictator. I think that if he’s in power for the next four years, it will be the worst four years America has ever faced, worse than the last four.”

Since this year has been disrupted by the pandemic, another way to vote, besides going to your local polling place, is by voting by mail. This year, ballots are being mailed to registered voters this week, up to 30 days before Nov. 3. 

In states such as California, Nevada, Iowa and Ohio, registered voters will automatically receive a ballot that they can either mail back or drop off at their local ballot drop box. However, there are local polling places where people can cast their vote. 

  “We’ve heard about the USPS being defunded right now so there will be voter suppression. However, voting by mail would be best,” poll volunteer Cassia Ramelb said, who has also volunteered for the Super Tuesday election. “You can drop it off at a polling station but I really suggest voting by mail.”