Top notch online tools to use during distance learning

Delilah Brumer

With the fall semester beginning with distance learning, there are many virtual tools that students can find beneficial. Check out the following apps and websites for everything from studying to relaxation.

CNUSD Virtual Calming Room

This free virtual calming room website, run by the Corona-Norco Unified School District, offers a way to relax and release the added stress of distance learning. The website includes music, guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, yoga and more.

College Board teaches students about the SAT and helps students prepare for AP tests. (Wikimedia Commons)


For students taking AP classes, CollegeBoard provides resources to study and to better understand what the structure of their AP class and exam is like. Additionally, students can go on CollegeBoard to learn more about the SAT and PSAT and practice for both of them.

Kahoot! is a fun way for teachers to teach the material for class. (Wikimedia Commons)


Kahoot! is a free app and website for game-show style educational competitions and can be a fun way to study with friends or classmates. One student or teacher sets up a game by coming up with questions and multiple choice answers and gives a code to the other players. You can also choose to play games that are already available on Kahoot!

Khan Academy is used by thousands of students every day. It includes a wide variety topics that students can learn. (Wikimedia Commons)

Khan Academy

This free website provides instruction and support through thousands of videos, tutorials, and practice assignments. Khan Academy covers topics such as math, social studies, science, language arts, and SAT practice. The resources are extremely helpful when you do not fully grasp a concept, or just need extra practice.

Libby is useful for accessing ebooks when a physical copy of a book is unavailable. (Flikr)


Libby is a free app for Apple and Google Play that allows students to access ebooks from their local library’s Overdrive, a place where libraries have their ebooks. Libby is useful for getting both fiction and nonfiction books for classes or exploring novels to read for fun. This can help when physical libraries like the DPMHS library are closed. 

Quizlet lets the user create their own set of flashcards. They can also share their flashcards with other classmates. (Wikimedia Commons)


Quizlet is a free website and app that includes features to create your own digital flashcards, practice tests and more. Additionally, it allows you to share the study tools you make with others, so classmates can study together.


Turboscan is a free app (with in-app purchases) for Apple and Google Play. It allows you to scan documents with your phone as if you were using a scanner. This works better than taking a photo of a written assignment in order to turn it in electronically.