Students will have chance to learn new skills during Wellness Day


Mahali Sanchez

On March 17, students at DPMHS will be celebrating Wellness Day on campus,

Jonathan Spahr

Wellness Day is coming up on March 17 and the event has sparked curiosity among the staff and students on what the event will provide. 

First off, Wellness Day is celebrated internationally and is much better known as Global Wellness Day in the month of June, with the slogan “One day can change your whole life!” 

“We are trying to present positive skill-building workshops/presentations that teach students skills like resilience, self-care and financial literacy,” school psychologist Eliana Lichtman said.

At Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, the intent is to have new schedules for a day where students can go to different assigned “workshops” that would be run by different organizations who have agreed to donate their time and efforts to help educate students and staff on resilience. These workshops will include yoga, meditation and even team-building exercises. Not only are these activities being held in the classroom but during nutrition, lunch and after school. In addition, students and staff members may have the ability to visit workshops that they were unable to attend, to ask questions or get swag after school.  

“Students might be able to choose certain workshops so they can have more say in the topic,” Lichtman said. “Hopefully they will be more engaged and can learn from it.”

There is a possibility that students can find a signup sheet and pick their workshops for the day but of course it will be a first come first serve system. Most likely the signup sheet will be found outside of the counseling office.

“We want students to see the value of this day and be more open-minded when it comes to learning more skills that can help them be more confident for the rest of their lives,” Lichtman said.