Students beautify campus on Sparkle Saturday

Marjina Haque

Senior Alyanna Ahorro joined fellow members of Interact Club as they swept courtyards and planted periwinkle flowers to beautify the campus as part of Sparkle Saturday.

“It’s been fun collaborating with other students for Sparkle Saturday to enhance our campus and make it look better,” Interact Club treasurer Ahorro said.

The event, organized by Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s (DPMHS) Interact Club, hopes that a cleaner campus will provide a more welcoming environment for students, and encourage them to participate in upcoming Sparkle Saturdays at school. This most recent one took place on Nov. 9. 

“I spend more time on this campus than I do anywhere else, so it does feel like an extension of my home,” Interact Club sponsor and math teacher Lori Seo said. “I feel more productive when my home is clean, and I hope this event inspires more students to appreciate their school, and successfully give students a clean and safe space to learn and excel.”

Aided by teachers, students collectively contributed to varied activities around the school to clean and improve its image, such as reorganizing DPMHS’s rock garden in the campus’s Clemens courtyard or picking up litter scattered throughout courtyards. 

Seniors involved also painted benches and commemorated their graduating class by stamping their handprints on them.

“I appreciate being given an opportunity to contribute to my campus and leave a mark before I graduate,” said Interact Club secretary Kim De Dios, a senior. “Students deserve to go to a clutter-free school that welcomes them, and I think this event helped accomplish that.”