New college classes introduced at DPMHS


Itzel Luna

Susan Armenta goes over various concepts during period one health on Sept. 5.

Cassia Ramelb

While still learning the ins and outs of high school, freshman Ryan Nevsky is hoping for success while taking Los Angeles Pierce Community College classes on campus this year.

“I want to learn a lot about health, my body and communication,” Nevsky said. “I am very excited about taking theatre since I took it in sixth.”

To offer high school students more class offerings and get ahead on their college units, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School is offering courses from Pierce College on campus this year. Pierce is offering Health 11, Communications 101, Theatre 100 and Advanced Theatre 401 courses during first period. Communications 101 teaches public speaking, Theatre 100 covers introduction to theatre and Advanced Theatre 401 teaches the history of fashion design. All classes are free except for required textbooks and materials. 

“Because they are college classes, they will be much more rigorous than regular high school classes,” Counselor Martina Torres said. “The difficulty level will depend on the professor.”

Health 101 is taught by Susan Armenta, the Department Chair of Kinesiology and Health from Pierce. Communications 101 will be taught by the Department Chair of Communications from Pierce. The theatre professor is yet to be announced. 

“I like the health professor and she’s nice, so I feel like I’m going to pass the class,” senior Rosa Nava said. 

Health 11 began on Aug. 26 and lasts until Oct. 20. Communications 101 begins on Oct. 21 and lasts until Dec. 15. The starting date for Theatre 100 and 401 are to be determined for the spring semester.  Each eight-week course meets Monday through Friday from 7:50 a.m. to 9:05 a.m.

“We are offering college classes to allow students to try to get ahead for the transfer requirements needed,” Torres said. 

Currently, 38 students are enrolled in the first-period class. All students who want to take college courses must fill out a K-12 form, apply to Pierce College online and change their schedule through Torres. 

“Seniors actually need the class to graduate but spots are taken by the freshmen who don’t need it,” Nava said. 

Students who complete all four courses with a “C” or better will receive 12 units and high school graduation credits. California State Universities and Universities of California can accept these units for college credit.