Get Lit team prepares for annual Classic Slam


Shannon Sullivan

Junior Andie Mendoza opens up her poem during Get Lit practice.

Harlow Frank

This year’s Get Lit team is taking poetry to a whole new level with a brand new team and all new poems.

Sophomores Stephanie Pynes, Adrienne Bangert, juniors Jason Echeverria and returning member Andie Mendoza will perform at this year’s annual Classic Slam on April 25. According to the poets, Get Lit allows them to express themselves to the world and is the perfect place for them to be.

“Get Lit allows us to perform in front a big audience, speak on a big issue that is going on in the world and connect with people through poetry,” Pynes said.

The team practices every day at lunch and some days after school, working hard on reciting their poems. Throughout the practices, the team ensures that their performances include all the emotion that they can give.

“I love poetry,” Echeverria said. “It’s very similar to singing and songwriting. Being a part of Get Lit is one of the best ways of expressing myself.”

Ninth and 10th grade English teacher Ron Baer has participated in the Get Lit program for five years and loves it so far. He works with the poets and prepares them for their big performance. Often, many people try out for a spot yet very few get a spot on the team as it usually consists of four or five members. Poets are evaluated through the amount of emotion and passion presented in their poetry as that’s what Get Lit is all about.

“Get Lit is really about helping students find their voices as a writer and as people themselves and it is really amazing,” Baer said.