Recent school threat worries students about campus safety


David Eskichyan

Police patrolled Daniel Pearl Magnet High School on Feb. 1 due to a threat recieved the day before.

Itzel Luna and Casey Wanatick

Police were scheduled to patrol campus Friday to investigate a threat that was found in the girl’s bathroom at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS).

“The threat was indicating that there might be some act of harm,” Principal Deb Smith said. “It was very vague.”

The threat had been reported to Smith by a student during third period on Thursday and has since been removed. Bathrooms were closed Thursday and reopened Friday.

A message was sent out to parents Thursday afternoon informing them of the threat. A follow-up message was sent later that evening stating that police would be present on campus for the entirety of the next school day.

However, police were not physically on campus the whole day. They were present before school, during lunch and after school. They patrolled the area around campus while students were in class.

Students like junior Nicole Gabino were surprised after hearing about the threat and believed more steps should’ve been taken to ensure the safety of students.

“I was concerned about school safety,” Gabino said. “I wish there would’ve been (more) safety precautions.”

Smith declined to say in which bathroom the threat was found in. That information is meant only for the police and the person who wrote it.

“The police are still investigating,” Smith said. “We don’t want to leak it.”

So far, DPMHS has no part in the investigation and no suspect has been identified. According to Smith, the culprit might not be a girl despite the threat being found in the girl’s bathroom.

“I think that most times in these situations, kids don’t keep secrets,” Smith said. “Whoever did it is going to want to tell somebody because they want to brag about it. Eventually, it will trickle back and we’ll get the information.”