Leaving school early might end for seniors

Harlow Frank

In previous years, seniors were allowed to leave early during the first and second semester. However, that may change for next semester due to a new rule that may be implemented.

Before, seniors were allowed to leave early as long as they were 18 years or older and had enough credits during the second semester. And if a senior took more than two college classes the first semester, they were allowed to leave early. Yet the rule may change.

“It may change for some of our students who are on credit, they have work experience and they go to work, but they do not have the class work experience and I think if they don’t have that class they aren’t allowed to leave early,” Principal Deb Smith said. “Students that are taking college classes who are on track for graduation I believe can leave early in the spring.”

Early leave was also productive to others and allowed them to finish and complete other tasks for school like homework and projects.

“I think it would suck that I couldn’t leave school even if my grades were up to date,” senior Danny Sanchez said. “Sometimes leaving school early allows seniors to get to their job if they have one and do extra work for other classes.”