Athlete of the Month: Hailee Kessler


Mahali Sanchez

Captain Hailee Kessler serves against Cleveland High School varsity volleyball girls on Oct. 3

Jade Campbell, Photo Editor

Q: How long have you been playing volleyball?

A: I’ve been playing volleyball since sixth grade.


Q: Why do you enjoy playing volleyball?

A: I enjoy playing volleyball just because it is a fun sport overall.


Q: Do you plan to play volleyball in college? Are you going to try to get an athletic

scholarship for college playing volleyball?

A: Yes, I’m going to try to play volleyball in college. I already have offers from some JC (junior college) schools but I’m trying to get a scholarship through a four- year for volleyball.


Q: What is your favorite thing about being on the volleyball team?

A: I think my favorite part would be making lifelong friends that I’m really close to.


Q: Why did you decide to join volleyball? Is it your favorite sport?

A: Volleyball is my favorite sport. I decided to join volleyball because in 6th grade I started playing in PE and it was really fun so that’s when I started YMCA and then I started playing for schools.


Q: What is one thing you are taking away from being on the volleyball team? Leadership skills?

A: I have taken away a lot of leadership skills. I’ve become much more confident in the things I do and I know when it is a time to step up and be a leader.


Q: What was your position on the volleyball team and are you on varsity or junior varsity?

A: I’m an outsider and I’m the varsity team captain.


Q: How would you describe your time on the volleyball team?

A: I’ve enjoyed being on the volleyball team very much since freshman year.


Q: How close are you and your teammates?

A: I’m closer with some people than others but I’m pretty close with everybody.


Q: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining volleyball?

A: Whatever you do, be loud, be confident in whatever you’re trying to do and don’t get frustrated.