Throwback Halloween movies to enjoy this year


Screenshot by Kirsten Cintigo

Enjoy this Halloween by watching a classic throwback movie, like “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Rosa Lemus

Spooky season is back and in full effect. Even if you’re not dressing up for Halloween, you can still celebrate the holiday by watching these classic movies.

Halloweentown Franchise: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Kimberly J. Brown, movies of the “Halloweentown” series takes viewers through the crazy adventures as Marnie Piper and her witch grandmother Aggie Cromwell, Carrie Fisher, must face. As Marnie learns she is a witch, she has to overcome her own obstacles with controlling her powers while simultaneously dealing with the issues of any teenager.

Rating: TV-G

Hocus Pocus: Released in 1993, the classic movie “Hocus Pocus” takes viewers through some odd adventures when three friends go exploring in an eerie house without realizing that they’ve accidentally revived three witch sisters. They then have to figure out how to capture them.

Rating: PG

Twitches Franchise: When twin sisters who’ve been separated since birth realize they possess magical powers, they have to figure out how to defeat an evil darkness while learning how to use their powers.

Rating: TV-PG

Coraline: Released in 2009 Coraline is about a young girl who transports into another dimension where everything seems to be perfect. Although it seems like the ideal life, things go horribly wrong when everything is not what it seems.

Rating: PG

Frankenweenie: When Victor Frankenstein’s dog, Sparky passes away Victor decides to try to bring him back to life using science. Everything is fine until the kids at his school find out and want Victor to revive their dead pets. Although the pets don’t resurrect with the same attitude. They turn into evil pet zombies. Now Victor has to figure out how to turn everything back to the way it was.

Rating: PG

Corpse Bride: As Victor prepares for his arranged wedding, he finds himself awakening a dead bride named Emily, who falls in love with him. Now Victor has to find a way to fix the mess he started.

Rating: PG

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Nightmare before Christmas, starring Danny Elfman, tells the story of Jack Skellington. When Jack becomes tired of being able to scare only on Halloween he takes it upon himself to take over Christmas.

Rating: PG

Casper: When a specialist and his daughter visit the mansion Casper the ghost is haunting, he ends up falling in love with the daughter.

Rating: PG