Razer shows us the the future of laptops and its looking good

Elsy Barcelo


From the graphics processor to the secondary LCD screen, the Razer Blade laptop is one of the top gaming laptops around.

Photo from thetechstuff.com. This is what the future of gaming laptops looks like. The Razer Blade’s multi-touch trackpad is seen in the bottom right. However, many other advantages, such as those in programming lie beneath the surface.

Released a year ago by Razer Blade it is their first ever gaming notebook. It’s powered by an Intel and a NVIDIA (another company) and uses NVIDIA graphics. Measuring 0.8×16.8×10.9”, the laptop weighs only 6.6 lb. and is very lightweight.

Although the Razer Blade is slim and fast, its price at $2,499 is a deal breaker for some.

Some say a “good” laptop has a 750 GB hard drive with 10GB of RAM but the Razer Blade has only 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive.

“At two grand you’d think the hard drive and battery life would be a bit higher,” freshman Angel Sotelo said.

But for those who can set aside the price and memory storage, there are good features for an on-the-go gamer. These include things such a special technology which allows multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously, a necessity in online role playing games. That added with its 17.3” LED display, the laptop screams gaming performance.

The biggest craze over the Razer Blade is its Switchblade user interface, which is designed from the ground up for a more exciting gaming experience.

The interface’s performance is enhanced when it is paired with the  revolutionary LCD display  that’s capable of two modes.

The first mode displays in game information in full color, allowing gamers to beat competition by giving them all of the necessary facts in an instant.

The second mode has functions as an ultra-sensitive, multi-touch gaming trackpad, designed just for gamers on the go.

Gamers take advantage of a growing list of apps designed only for gaming and use on the Razer Blade.

For example, you can fully customize profiles and wallpaper, browse the web for in game information, YouTube video walkthrough guides and even stay connected to social media.

The Razer Blade represents the future of what laptops, especially those designed for gaming, can be and do.