First ever junior-senior prom planned for Class of 2019

Angel Van Horn

Zachary Gephart-Canada
Previous senior classes, including the Class of 2017, was advertised as senior only.

The Class of 2019 will be the first ever senior class to share its prom with the junior class of 2020 in order to lower ticket prices and increase ticket sales.

“If we have more students, then we will have more money to spend on prom: a better location, decorations, desserts and better things,” Class of 2019 sponsor Leah Pevar said.

The decision was made to have future seniors and juniors share a prom next year because the graduating Class of 2019 can’t afford to spend over $15,000 on a prom for only 88 people. A mixed prom would benefit the future senior class by occupying a larger hall and lowering ticket prices so they don’t have to pay extra to compensate for the relatively few people going, according to Pevar.

Many schools hold a junior-senior prom for their students. Schools like Gunn High School in Palo Alto, Damien High School in La Verne and City Honors High School have a junior-senior prom for the purpose of mixing their students to have a good time. In this case, a junior-senior prom for the class of 2019 is happening because the size of the two classes will be just about equivalent to a normal sized prom.

“I’m not too against it but prom is usually thought of as a senior thing,” junior delegate Remy De Leon said. “With juniors going, people aren’t so happy with it so I can understand.”

Most of the class of 2019 were furious to hear about a split prom. If future juniors are invited to next year’s prom, they would have the opportunity to experience two proms including their own senior prom. Others were satisfied with the decisions since it would lower ticket prices

“I do like the idea because we don’t have that many seniors, so at least if some juniors go it won’t look so lonely,” junior Natalie Rendon said. “The juniors and seniors get along so it’s just something different, which is good.”