Athlete of the Month: Audree Alaras begins her second season in Patriots volleyball


Defense specialist Audree Alaras plays for the Junior Varsity Birmingham Patriots.

Jade Campbell

Q: How long have you been playing volleyball?

A: I’ve been playing for three years. 

Q: Why do you like volleyball?

A: It’s always been a family tradition to play volleyball. I started watching my family play it when I was young. I just started playing it.

Q: What are some highlights that you’ve had?

A: I was injured for nine months and when I came back to practice for the first time, we had a tournament that week end and I volunteered to go. I hadn’t practiced in nine months and I made the winning point.

Q: Do you plan to continue playing after high school?

A: I’ve thought about that a lot, I do want to continue playing volleyball but I want to be a veterinarian. But it’s been a dream to be a professional volleyball player.

Q: Do you recommend other people to play volleyball?

A: Yeah I do. If they really want to be on a team and feel that their confident playing volleyball then they should join.