Second annual Pearl Con welcomes heroes, fans, 501st cosplay group


Jomari Reyes

Students participate in a trivia competition during last year’s Pearl Con. Trivia is planned for this year’s event.

Maia Hito

Rachel Bullock

Daniel Pearl’s Pearl Con II on May 20 is going to present more than just comics and pizza.

“I’m guessing it’s going to be similar to last year,” sophomore Garrett Francisco said.

Now that science teachers Jim Morrison and Stephen Schaffter, Pearl Con coordinators, have last year’s successful event under their belts, they are looking forward to a year of smooth sailing and fun family time.

“Our goal is to (create) a place for people to relax and have fun,” Schaffter said.

The 501st, a cosplay group dedicated to the dark side of the “Star Wars” universe, will be at Pearl Con. Morrison is still communicating with other cartoonists, cosplay make up artists and composers to see if they will be attending the event.

“It seemed like a fun environment,” freshman Daniela Dixon said. “This year is sure to have different variations and seems to be to their likings.”

The event promises not only more than last year’s but also an unique opportunity for fanboys and fangirls local to the Lake Balboa area.

“Experiences you don’t (usually) get at the high school level,” Schaffter said.

All activities will be held at the front of the campus rather than throughout the school. Schaffter is looking into renting tents for the various displays and games as well as for the Maid Cafe, which will be available for food, refreshments and entertainment throughout the event.

“The Maid Cafe is expanding voraciously,” Morrison said. “Rather than just pizza, there will be a variety. We’re expanding our offerings to hot dogs, bagels and cream cheese and popcorn.”

Pearl Con will be open to community members and perspective students and their families.

“It looks fun,” Dixon said. “I might try to go.”