Women’s rights march unites Angelenos


Zachary Gephart-Canada

Protest gather around Pershing Square for the Los Angeles Women’s March.

Zachary Gephart-Canada

From an aerial view, the Women’s March Los Angeles looks liberating, however, until one stands within the impossibly packed streets that surround Pershing Square, one has no idea how powerful this movement is.

On Jan. 21, tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Los Angeles to witness and be a part of the international movement for women’s rights.

Completely surrounded by signs, some pro-women, most anti-Donald Trump, one could feel an atmosphere of revolution.

There were speakers scheduled to begin at 10 am, however, with the massive amounts of people filling the streets, only chants of passionate marchers could be heard.

With a reported estimate from the event’s organizers of 750,000 people, the Los Angeles Women’s March surpassed all other protests in the world on this day.

These marches took place in over 50 countries across the globe with a small group of women even marched in Antarctica.