Ball out with new game: NBA 2k17 brings more choices

Richard Mendiola

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2K sports comes out with all new selection such as "MyGM" and "MyPark." The game has earned a 8/10 from gamer critics

2K sports comes out with all new selection such as “MyGM” and “MyPark.” The game has earned a 8/10 from gamer critics

With the NBA season closing in, “NBA 2k17” is a great game to get a feel of what the 2016-2017 NBA season might be like.

With the release of the “NBA 2k”, 2k Sports delivers players their favorite teams and athletes that are in and out of the league. There are currently 30 teams in the league and a handful of superstars to play around with.

There are five game modes in this year’s title, which are “Play Now,” “MyCareer,” “MyGM,” “MyLeague,” and “MyPark.”

“Play Now” is a mode where players select two teams and face off. This mode is the go-to to mode for casual players who just want to play a game of basketball.

“MyCareer” is where players become like the pros. Players create their NBA career starting from the collegiate level to being drafted into the league. This mode gives freedom for players to optimize how they’d like their career to be like in the game’s NBA.

“MyGM” is a mode where players play the role of the general manager of an NBA team. The player controls the roster, staff, and the direction of where the team is going.

The “MyLeague” mode is like “MyGM”, but instead of being a manager for one team, the player can decide how the entire league runs. This mode gives players to control the outcome of the league.

“MyPark” is where players play with their generated characters in “MyCareer” and play with other players with their generated players. Players team up with with either friends or strangers and play against others in a virtual park.

“NBA 2k17” is a fun, competitive, casual game, where any player who watches the NBA or enjoys playing basketball will definitely get the most out of this game.

The game is rated E for everyone by the ESRB and was released on September 20, 2016. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.