Students visit KNBC for tour

Aileen Kangavary

Newspaper, broadcasting and video production students attended a tour at KNBC studios with Adviser Mark Middlebrook on April 25.

“All my students were on top of it and NBC was impressed,” Middlebrook said.

During the tour, students observed the editorial meeting where they discussed what stories will be aired that day. They also got a glimpse at how each of the members brainstormed for their stories and how it fits their playbook.

Afterward the students got to see where all the magic happens behind the video camera. They were able to take a look at the professional cameras and lighting that all go into the show.

Executive producer Carlos Hopkins then gave students tips on how to get into the journalism business. He’s been in it for 18 years and in Los Angeles for only four. Hopkins oversees the noon, five and six o’clock newscasts.

The Pearl Net News showed off their own broadcasting videos by playing their April broadcast to the KNBC staff. The students then gave tips to the news channel on how they could improve on appealing to a younger audience.

“When I walked into their actual studio set, I was honestly surprised and in awe because of how small the room was,” senior Patrick De Guzman said.