Why Donald Trump is a strong candidate to some

Irene Feher

You may have heard all the ridiculous things said about Donald Trump and wonder to yourself why he’s the top Republican candidate. Suit up, as I explain to you why he’s such a strong and popular candidate.

Political correctness has become a disease in this country since the last eight years and Americans are fed up with it. If you say something negative about an African American or a Middle Eastern, you’re deemed racist. Trump is standing for the silent majority who are scared to say what they’re thinking, because they’ll offend someone and become politically incorrect.

The American economy is Trump’s first priority in his campaign, so illegal immigration is his biggest concern, along with free-trade. He’s more concerned about economic issues than social issues, like abortion and gay marriage. As a real-estate developer, Trump has experience with government negotiation and has connections with global business leaders.

Trump has good ideas to keep illegals out of America, such as building a wall and making Mexico pay for it. He plans to have Mexico pay for the wall by threatening to cut off the flow of billions of dollars in payments that immigrants send back there.

Many Americans are upset with illegals entering the country, taking social services that belong to the citizens and being a burden on America. Since they have no identification, they’re not paying taxes and are being paid illegally from their jobs, which isn’t being reported to the American government. Many of them come with nothing and take the social services from a citizen who needs them. Illegals take these “free” government services, like health care, paid by taxpayers and there are less services for Americans. Many Americans are excited for a strong border that Trump will deliver. A country isn’t a country if it doesn’t have a secure border.

Trump plans to lower the corporate tax rate from 39% to 15% to keep American companies from moving to other countries. American corporations are at a disadvantage, since they face the highest corporate tax rate in the world. No wonder Ford and Nabisco are moving their manufacturing plants to Mexico and millions of jobs are lost.

The free-trade deal between China and America was supposed to create new jobs through the sale of American goods and services abroad. However, with China’s high taxes on American products and America’s low import taxes, the U.S. has lost money and jobs in the trade.

As his plan to reform the free trade agreement, Trump will boldly negotiate to China about their high taxes on American products that prevent money flowing back to the American economy. Trump plans to propose taxes on Chinese imports to force China to renegotiate its trade practices.

Please respect my opinion and I’ll respect yours. If you have any questions, come ask me and let’s have a political discussion.

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