Trump wouldn’t be a great fit for the country

Nallely Delara

lauren-trump-cartoonLauren Fritschi
Republican nomination candidate Donald Trump holds a very significant lead over all of his opponents. This is remarkably surprising because of the offensive nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

The first time I heard about him was when he deemed all Mexicans of bringing drugs into this country and being killers and rapists. In my experience as a Mexican, I have never even met a killer, rapist or drug dealer. Hispanics amongst other immigrants come into this country seeking freedom and opportunities to live a prosperous life and provide their children with what they could never have in their home countries. This racism is extremely cringe worthy.

His famous slogan, “Make America great Again” sounds an awful lot like Adolf Hitler’s “We’re going to make Germany great again, that I can tell you.” Trump wants to make America great again by taking us back to the days before civil rights. Or what other “Great America” could he be describing? Trump has proposed killing family members of terrorists, banning Muslims from the country, forcing another country to pay for a wall to stop immigration and punishing women who seek out rights to take control of their reproductive systems.

“I would just bomb those suckers, and that’s right, I’d blow up the pipes, I’d blow up the refineries, I’d blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left,” Trump said the Nov. 11, 2015 interview “Donald Trump on ISIS: I would take away the oil” published on

The madness this man suggests would obviously take the lives of innocent people. ISIS is a terrorist group that kills innocent people and the way to stop them is definitely not by bombing them and killing them and innocents along the way. It’s so illogical to stop deaths by causing more deaths.

Trump has also suggested “opening up libel laws,” the definition of libel is method of defamation by any communication to expose a person to public hatred . With such laws journalist would be able to get sued for speaking. He says he wants to be able to make money every time journalists say “false” things about him. This is extremely despicable and unconstitutional.

“It does scare me that he wants to ban Muslims from entering the US,” college freshman Sarah Zia said. “My dad works overseas and he looks Middle Eastern and he is Muslim. If he actually bans Muslims I won’t ever see my dad.”

It is nearly impossible in the United States to ban a certain race or ethnic group from coming into the country. The executive branch doesn’t have that much power to do so but this goes to show how ignorant Trump is.

Trump, however, is a very outspoken person, completely blunt and holds no shame in speaking his mind. It is no secret that when he sets his eye on something nothing will stop him from getting to where he wants to go, not even morals. At first these sound like great qualities to have, who doesn’t want a president who is firm and stands by what he says. But once you hear what he stands by, it is terrifying. He is willing to do anything in his power to stand by his racist, homophobic, Islamophobic beliefs.

The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries because of all the immigrants it holds. Immigrants from Europe took this country away from its natives and built it to the powerful nation it is today. are all immigrants and we cannot let this man become president and destroy our country.

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