App of the month: “” eats its competition

Joseph Mousaed
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Sophomore Dean Khazanov meticulously swipes his finger on his phone while playing a colorful ball in “”.

“I really enjoy this game,” Khazanov said. “It is something easy to pick up and there are not many skills required to play.” Photo from

Players play a colorful ball that roams a white surface filled with miniature colorful “food.” This “food” needs to be collected to grow the colorful ball into a monstrous ball that can consume its competition.

“” is a free application byPhoto from
on iTunes and Google Play Store. Every player is trying to be a gigantic 2nd ball and will do anything necessary.

The fun starts when players try to consume each other. Khazanov, for example, needs to be larger than another player to consume them and become larger. When a player is consumed by someone else, they lose.

“” has been on phones since July and has over 10 million players online worldwide.

Popularity surged because of the simplicity and addicting nature of the game. “” can be downloaded anytime on the computer, tablets, and cellular phones.

One of the most popular aspects of the game is the wide range of skins. When starting a new game, the game asks the player to put a nickname. When a keyword is put in as a nickname, ranging from famous political figures to internet memes, a picture of that name is plastered on the ball that you control.

“” originated on the computer and gained popularity from popular streaming companies such as Twitch.

“‘’ is very addicting,” Khazanov said. “Once you spend a lot of time playing, you never want to stop.”