Restaurant Review: Quickly is a sweet spot for teenagers

Nallely DeLara

Quickly, tucked in a strip mall with Subway and GameStop, provides a convenient meet up spot for students looking for boba and appetizers.

The first thing that catches people’s eye is a large screen behind the counter that provides the restaurant’s menu. It has 10 different categories of drink types such as milk teas, slushies, fruit flavored drinks, frappes and more. The fruit flavored section includes fruit flavors like watermelon, mango, strawberry and more. However, the only feature a few frappe flavors such as mocha and caramel. There is also an appetizer section which includes popcorn chicken and seasoned fries.

In most restaurants, they serve tea that are either too sweet or too bland because they mix in other ingredients that results in the removal of the original taste of many loved drinks. At Quickly, they had the divine mixture between the bitter taste of the tea and the sweetness from the sugar. While their teas are up to par with perfection, the frappes have room for improvement as they may be too sweet for some customers.

The tables are set up at a distance from each other so that customers aren’t too close to each other which gives the restaurant a warm atmosphere. The cashiers and baristas are incredibly nice and helpful. There is even a TV located in the corner of the restaurant that plays music videos of the barista’s choice throughout the day.

The overall experience is outstanding. Quickly has a very welcoming aura. The employees are very attentive and well mannered. The teas, juices and other boba drinks were served as the classic flavors that many love.

Quickly’s is located on 6800 Balboa Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91406.