New season brings new opportunities for the football team

Irene Feher


Veronica Godoy

ebacker Eric Flowers gets into position ready to sweep the opponent, Newbury Park High, off their feet on Aug. 28.

Cristina Jercan and Tahra Hunter

Linebacker Eric Flowers gets into position ready to sweep the opponent, Newbury Park High, off their feet on Aug. 28.

Senior Eric Flowers sets off on the new pre-season with a win against Newbury Park on Aug. 28. The season is heading for a fresh start.

“I’ve just been practicing every day, working hard, getting better every single day,” Flowers said. “As a team we’re doing the same routine.”

An average practice starts with stretches and being separated into specific groups created for particular possessions such as linebacker or quarterback. Eventually the team will run a seven vs. seven. Practices also depend on the day, some day’s the football team practices offense and the next defense.

Flowers has been a part of the varsity team since freshman year either as a linebacker or a tight-end.  He has improved his game and watched himself grow. He’s seen his team’s ups and downs, victories and losses. Since this is his final year playing for the team, he is hoping for this season and his team to improve.

“We are going to start off strong and finish even better than last year,” Flowers said.

Flowers has worked very hard  through the years to maintain his spot on the  football team. Being apart of the team all throughout high school has done a lot for him. He’s gotten to know his teammates better and became closer to them which has resulted in many friendships. The football team also allowed him to do exceptionally well  in school and motivates him to do better, leading him to have a G.P.A of 3.2.

“It helped me a lot with my grades because I had to keep them up to play,” Flowers said.

College is a big thing on Flowers’ mind. His colleges of choice are New Mexico State, Washington University and Hawaii University. But given the opportunity, he would most likely attend Washington State.

But the heavy loss against Notre Dame and the too close for comfort win against Canoga Park has changed Flowers mindset of the pre-season.

“We started off good, but last week was a bit closer than expected,” Flowers said.

Over the four years of playing, Flowers picked up a couple of things. He’s learned the flow of the semi-chaotic sport of football.

“It teaches you a lot about life, it’s really fun,” Flowers said.