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Students of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School improve slightly but are still in the lower ranks of scores in the state.

Test scores on the rise

September 20, 2016

Help! I’m stuck under my bed and I can’t get out

Marcelina Vergara

May 29, 2015

Since California is long overdue for a large earthquake, it is important to be prepared when disaster strikes. Here are some helpful tips to survive a powerful earthquake no matter what room you’re in: 1. When you are indo...

Parents who don’t vaccinate their children put public at risk

Tahra Hunter, Staff Writer

March 6, 2015

One advance in medicine is the vaccine, but recently some parents have been questioning the need for them. Some parents nationwide have refused to have their children vaccinated. They believe that the vaccinations are unneeded a...

District implements new procedures to combat drought

Meagan Ford

November 5, 2014

Conserving water isn't something you do at home. Students and school officials can save water while on campus, too. The Los Angeles Unified School District began measures to combat the ongoing state drought on April 8, acco...

New law protects cyclists with 3-foot buffer and increased penalties

October 3, 2014

By DIANNE VILLALTA    Senior Boa Pistol-Boesch wears a helmet and makes sure to look both ways before she crosses any street when riding her bike to school. Even with these precautions she still runs the risk of being ...

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